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The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is an established company in Griffith, providing quality plumbing and electrical services for four decades. We’re the leading services company in the area where you can entrust your commercial and domestic needs. Our company is composed of trained plumbers and electricians who can quickly identify issues using the right equipment.

If you have problems with blocked drains, or hot water systems concerns, the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is a one-stop solution. We are efficient in responding to emergency plumbing situations by offering same-day repair and installation of your availed service without compromising our work quality.

Plumber Near Griffith In New South Wales Australia

Here’s the thing:

Griffith is an early inner-south suburb of Canberra, Australia. It’s considered to be one of the oldest suburbs of Canberra, established in 1927. This suburb has 20 parks that cover about 12% of its total land area. It has complete amenities such as a shopping centre, school, church, embassy, recreational areas, and plenty of parks where residents can relax. A lot of people want to reside here because of its ambience. No wonder, Griffith has a population of over 5000.

As a residential area in a suburb surrounded by mature trees together with aging infrastructures, blocked drains are a common problem for homeowners in Griffith. Good thing the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is always on the go. We inspect, install, and maintain drainages and sewer lines efficiently 24/7.

You see, our company stands out because we only use the best plumbing and electrical equipment to ensure quality repairs that last. Plumbing issues like blocked drains and anything to do with the hot water system are the locals’ common residential concerns.

However, that’s not all; the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor in Griffith also specializes in the following:

  • Sewer Pipe Cleaning
  • Sewer Pipe Repair
  • Sewer Pipe Replacement
  • Plumbing Stormwater Drains
  • Electrical Work
  • Hot Water Systems Installation
  • Water, Roof, and Gas Leak Repairs
  • House Rewiring
  • Fan Installation
  • Switchboard Upgrade

If you’re new in Griffith, one of the questions you may encounter soon is, “where can I find a plumber in Griffith?”, so give the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor a try. You may reach us at 131091, and our accommodating representatives will assist you.

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